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SWD may refer to:

  • Dragunov sniper rifle (Polish designation SWD)
  • Serial Wire Debug, an electrical interface
  • Social Welfare Department of the Hong Kong government
  • Southern Winds Airlines
  • Southwest DeKalb High School, Georgia, US
  • Spanish Water Dog, a breed of dog
  • Special Weapons Dalek, a monster from the sci-fi series Doctor Who
  • Stockton, Whatley, Davin & Co., a mortgage, real estate and insurance firm in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Subject Headings Authority File (Schlagwortnormdatei), a German controlled-vocabulary system for subject indexing
  • Sukiyaki Western Django, a film

Usage examples of "swd".

Bows and arrows and spears might be primitive, but as the unfortunate Swd could attest, they were often as effective as any modern weapon.

At the last instant Swd lunged into its path, to fall gushing blood and life back against Lyra, the weapon's intended target.