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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Swath bank

Swath \Swath\ (sw[add]th; 277), n. [AS. swa[eth]u a track, trace; akin to D. zwaad, zwad, zwade, a swath of grass, G. schwad, schwaden; perhaps, originally, a shred. Cf. Swathe, v. t.]

  1. A line of grass or grain cut and thrown together by the scythe in mowing or cradling.

  2. The whole sweep of a scythe, or the whole breadth from which grass or grain is cut by a scythe or a machine, in mowing or cradling; as, to cut a wide swath.

  3. A band or fillet; a swathe.

    Swath bank, a row of new-mown grass. [Prov. Eng.]