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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a swanky Manhattan jewelry store
▪ Escargot in puff pastry, Maine lobster soup and a 10-ounce prime filet mignon are among the swanky choices.
▪ He is often seen around Hollywood, driving his jeep or eating meals poolside at swanky hotels.
▪ Luckily, singer Suggs, scowling at his beer in a swanky West End joint, reckons I didn't miss anything.
▪ The leading lorry was a large and swanky affair.
▪ The same deal in the swanky Old Istanbul Ramada Hotel with all comforts and casino is £326.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Swankie \Swank"ie\, Swanky \Swank"y\, n. [Cf. G. schwank flexible, pliant.] An active and clever young fellow. [Scot.]
--Sir W. Scott.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"imposing, stylish," 1842, from swank + -y (2). Related: swankiness.


a. Rather posh, elegant, ritzy.

  1. adj. imposingly fashionable and elegant; "a swank apartment" [syn: swank]

  2. [also: swankiest, swankier]

Usage examples of "swanky".

The high quality suggested a swanky hotel, so we began calling the snazzy hotels and asking if their stationery was coral pink.

Andre lived in one of the swankiest private apartment buildings in Monte Carlo.

Treefe was credited, in part, with having tracked down two of the Tiger Mob, who were working as cabana boys at a swanky resort near Miami.

That comer wasn't one of (he swankier ones in Angels City, and it wasn't an angel who sauntered past and gave'me the eye.

Well, he was pass ing through Hollywood or Boca Raton or one of those Gold Coast places and it was empty and right off the main drag he saw one of those swanky little jewelry shops, you know, a branch of some Fifth Avenue store and its windows were blown out.

We stayed in the big gaudy silver Hyatt Regency long enough to make love in the shower, stash the driver in his own room in front of a colour TV, and then we took off for Neiman's, Sakowitz, and the swanky sci fi shopping malls with their glass ceilings, fountains, and fig trees, and silver escalators, and everything for sale from diamonds to junk food.

Expensive toys gave her a pretext to hang out at swanky craft fairs and be admired, and meet such as Simon and Jim.

The characters included a philandering husband, a voluptuous divorcee, a poor little rich girl operating a swanky antique shop incognito, and - in the later chapters - a retired schoolteacher who was naive to the point of stupidity.

And I just bet you had one of those swanky fancy nutcrackers like a big thumbscrew,' said the Senior Wrangler.

Vanessa has her own small but beautiful one-bedroom flat in one of the swankier parts of north London.

Enough to last us for quite a while, even after Greyboar got pressured by the Cat into moving us into swankier digs.

In the new light, the swankier the brawl the greater the confusion and the better the chance of getting away clean.