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Usage examples of "sw".

The real capital of Powys was Caer Dolforwyn, a fine hill topped by a royal stone, but Caer Dolforwyn, like Caer Cadarn, had neither the water nor the space to accommodate a kingdom's law court, treasury, armouries, kitchens and storehouses, and so just as Dumnonia's day-to-day business was conducted from Lindinis, so the government of Powys functioned out of Caer Sws and only in times of danger or at high royal festivals did Gorfyddyd's court move down the river to Caer Dolforwyn's commanding summit.

From the high Seat, the Spokesman said: "Honath the Purse-maker, Alaskon the Navigator, Charl the Reader, Seth the Needlesmith, Mathild the Forager, you are called to an swer to justice.

He was proud of that and convinced by those achievements that he knew better than any other man save perhaps Merlin, and because that knowledge was so often what other men incoherently wished, his selfish ambitions were usually seen as noble and far-seeing, but at Caer Sws the ambitions clashed with what other men wanted.

Withou t waitin g for an an• swer, she ra n downstair s an d returne d wit h a box of nails, a framed paintin g for my wall, a thro w pillow for my bed, an d a smashe d pin k box tha t looke d like an old Valentine's Day present.

The better to guard his privacy, Murgen set out barriers of dissuasion along the approaches to Swer Smod, and, further, appointed a pair of demoniac gatekeepers, the better to turn back obstinate visitors.

Here they would go their separate ways: Dhrun across the Lir to Domreis, Shimrod to Swer Smod, Murgen’s castle on the stony flanks of the Teach tac Teach.

Shimrod knew well what to expect at Swer Smod and prepared himself accordingly.

The walls of Swer Smod rose at his back: a set of massive rectangular shapes, meshed and merged, stacked and layered, with three towers of unequal height rising about all, like sentinels surveying the landscape.

You can then bring him back to Swer Smod, where our inquiries can be made at leisure.

Infrequently, he left Swer Smod, sometimes by reasons of urgency, sometimes for sheer frivolity.

Then, departing Swer Smod, he set off across the Forest of Tantrevalles toward Dahaut.

Across the valley he thought to make out Swer Smod, high on the flanks of Mount Gaboon, but the shapes and shadows made for deception and he could not be sure of what he saw.

A mile away, under the jut of Mount Gaboon, Swer Smod overlooked the panorama: a castle of no great size, fortified only by a high wall and a pair of bartizans overlooking the portal.

If I don’t find him at Avallon Fair we’ll travel to Swer Smod in Lyonesse.