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SVS may refer to:

In technology:

  • OS/VS2 (SVS) - precursor of MVS which had a very short life
  • Space Vision System - a computer vision system designed for International Space Station (ISS) assembly
  • Software Virtualization Solution- Altiris Software Virtual Layering Software.
  • Synthetic vision system, a set of technologies that use 3D in cockpit displays.
  • Supply Voltage Supervisor A standard for monitoring power supply in embedded systems.

In organizations and companies:

  • Society for Vascular Surgery - an academic society
  • Sudbury Valley School - democratic school
  • State Veterinary Service - An executive agency of the UK government department the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary an Eastern Orthodox seminary in Crestwood, NY

In comics:

Other uses:

  • Standard VIE Settings - The original settings used by the creators of the internet multiplayer game subspace.
  • SAME code SVS, used for issuing severe weather statements.
  • SVS, the IATA code for the Stevens Village Airport