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SVK (also written svk) is a decentralized version control system written in Perl, with a hierarchical distributed design comparable to centralized deployment of BitKeeper and GNU arch. It is distributed under the Artistic License and the GNU General Public License. The primary author of svk is Kao Chia-liang . On June 5, 2006, Chia-liang Kao joined Best Practical Solutions, LLC, makers of Request Tracker (and also heavy users of SVK), and SVK became a Best Practical product.

On May 28, 2009, Chia-liang Kao announced that Best Practical will no longer be actively developing SVK. Kao continued to develop SVK until the last release in March 2010, when development appears to have stopped.

SVK (disambiguation)

SVK usually stands for SVK (also written svk), a decentralized version control system.

It may also refer to:

  • Slovakia, a country in Central Europe ( International Olympic Committee's country code)
  • Stavros V. Kyriakides, a well-known business-man and cultural figure of Cyprus
  • Air Slovakia, a former Slovakian airline ( airline code of the International Civil Aviation Organization)
  • SV Stuttgarter Kickers, a German sports club based in Stuttgart
  • Srpska Vojska Krajine, the Serbian name for the Army of the Republic of Serb Krajina.