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SVI may refer to:

  • Southern Railway of Vancouver Island
  • Strayer Voigt Inc, manufacturer of M1911-styled modular pistols
  • Spectravideo, computer and video-game manufacturer
  • Switch virtual interface
  • Scientific Volume Imaging, developers of the Huygens Software; a multi-platform image-deconvolution, -analysis, and -visualization software package for 2D and 3D microscopy.
  • Settleability Volume Index or sludge volume index (SVI): the volume in millimeters occupied by 1 g of activated sludge after aerated liquid has settled for 30 minutes
  • Surface du Verre et Interface laboratory, French CNRS/Saint-Gobain research laboratory working on the physico-chemical properties of glass surfaces and heterogeneous reactive materials
  • Samsung Video Information - Samsung's proprietary media format used in their media players inside mp4-containers
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Android smartphone
  • System Volume Information (in Microsoft Windows file-systems)