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Svan may refer to:

  • Svan people, an ethnographic group of the Georgian people
  • Svan language
  • Svaneti, a region of Georgia
  • Lusaghbyur, Shirak, Armenia, formerly called Svan
  • Anaco Airport, ICAO code
  • Gunde Svan, former Swedish top-level cross-country skier

Usage examples of "svan".

Lady Svan inclined her head but still held her gaze on the other two women of Power in the room, Frost and Inquit.

Trade Master placed the drum on the floor now, and Svan went to her knees before it.

There was now life in her face, and her eyes were on the Watcher as if she must not miss anything Svan might do.

Hotel Svan which is also called the Silver Bells and is agreeably Hapsburg in style.

For the sake of your own continued good health, wench, I suggest that you cease such impudent remarks, unless you can grow a svans to match your unwomanly disrespect of masculine superiority.

Armenians have big noses, but I have never known of one who had more of a svans than my own meager thing.

The fields of Upper Svaneti were not overly fertile, but the Svans had given generously so that the fighters of Forward Firebase Grozny could eat, even if it meant hungry nights for themselves.