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Suz (, also Romanized as Sūz) is a village in Seyyedvaliyeddin Rural District, Sardasht District, Dezful County, Khuzestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its existence was noted, but its population was not reported.

Usage examples of "suz".

Anna Karenina, but discarded as messy and melodramatic, plus would involve traumatizing civilians, so made SOS phone call to Suz instead.

Mandy made a swipe for the candy bag, but Suz shoved it behind her back.

Chinese silk cocktail pants, Suz pushed a path toward her and greeted her with a hug.

She made her way over to Suz, who was circulating with a bottle of champagne.

Either way, there was no excusing her rudeness, especially when Suz had been trying to help.

But according to my friend, Suz, the Renaissance Harborplace has amazing beds, a sky-top cocktail lounge, and a covered walkway over to the Inner Harbor.

Her parents, sister Sharon, Mikey and Suz had all stayed for the reception afterward and were eating cake and congregating at the conference table in the squad room next door.

Gilly been alive and home, do you think Suz, as you call her, would have done what she did last night?

To hear Frankie tell it, Suz wore big hair to cover her horns, breathed fire, and ate young linebackers for breakfast.

Burns, the two older secretaries, gaped in astonishment as Suz Anne, their young research assistant, stared at her with new interest.

Brant gave Lang a knowing smile as he turned away, feigning discretion as he loudly raked his zipper up, prompting a bawdy burst of laughter from the impressed Suz Anne.

And did he really have Suz Anne Miller backed into the far corner of the hall as she playfully pinched his butt and toyed with a sparkling piece of jewelry on his ear?

Scott casually approached the bar and, standing right beside Suz Anne, quietly ordered drinks for himself and his wife.

It had, Brant mused, nothing to do with the fact that Suz Anne was covertly caressing his crotch with one hand as she pretended to search her handbag with the other.

Cass and Suz reported that a number must have been taken from E, as well.