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n. (altform sutra English)


Sutta may refer to:

  • Sutta, or Sutra, a discourse of the Buddha:
    • List of suttas, from the Pali canon
    • Buddhavacana - the word of the Buddha
  • Sutta, A Hindi and Punjabi word for a Cigarette
  • SÅ«tra, A Sanskrit word which literally means a thread or line that holds things together

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  • Buddhist texts

Usage examples of "sutta".

In each of these the suttas on the same subject, or in one or two cases the suttas addressed to the same sort of people, are grouped together.

The suttas came first embodying, in set phrases, the doctrine that had to be handed down.

Those episodes, found in two or three different places, and always embodying several suttas, came next.

Parallel with this evolution, so to say, of the suttas, the short statements of doctrine, in prose, ran the treatment of the verses.