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Usage examples of "sute".

George Birch sute was stayd at Chester uppon his promise to compownd with me for all tyth, haye, and other matter.

Thomas Goodyer his sute and excommunication I stayed, salvo interim jure suo.

Arnold his letter of the sute from Upton, and of the Lord Archebisshop his hard dealing.

Secondly, the great sute betwene Redishmer and me was stayed and by Mr.

Would you like me to fly to Grass Isle and ensure the Sute Towers are yours?

They were known as the Sute Towers, and each looks out over a separate expanse of ocean.

The tayl and his toppyng twynnen of a sute, And bounden bothe wyth a bande of a bry3t grene, Dubbed wyth ful dere stone3, as the dok lasted, Sythen thrawen wyth a thwong a thwarle knot alofte, Ther mony belle3 ful bry3t of brende golde rungen.