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Surr is a sport played in the areas around Ayodhya in northern India.

Surr is played between two teams, each of which needs to have a minimum of four players. A rectangular ground is divided into four equal quadrants. One team gathers in the first quadrant, while the other team gathers along the lines of defence at the borders of the adjoining quadrant.

Usage examples of "surr".

It is a compact block, everywhere rising abruptly from low and sandy watercourses, and completely detached from its neighbours by broad Wadys--the Surr to the north and east, while southwards run the Kuwayd and the Zahakan.

Whilst the caravan was ordered to march straight up the noble Wady Surr, we set off next morning at six a.

Wady Surr proper, whose influents drain the southern Khurayatah or Hisma Pass.