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n. (alternative spelling of souq English)

Usage examples of "suq".

Mother lifted the firewood off her back and talked to Nhur about what she found in the suq that morning.

City residents were reporting that many of the enemy had not been destroyed, but had vanished into sanctuaries in nearby villages and towns, including the enemy stronghold in Suq Ash Shuyukh, southeast of Nasiriyah.

I put on the simple blue-and-white-striped robe I had bought at The Suq and studied the effect.

The woman went in through one revolving door and came straight out of another, barely bothering to pause in the foyer of the Suq el Meghreb.

She was coming unravelled in front of him, the slow burn of her shock overriding common sense to such an extent that she patted a bulging pocket and tossed her map into a bin, doubling back barely fifty paces before hanging a left into a blind alley so narrow it was more of a gap between the Suq el Meghreb and a neighbouring warehouse.

Below him, between the suq and the spice house was the tiny blind alley down which the ballerina had vanished.

To his right had been the red-brick wall, to his left the yard, little more than a token reminder of a larger one that had existed back before the suq was built.

The many peddlers dealing in dyed wool and salted fish set this suq apart as unique to Magdala.

Even in the centre of Cairo or the suq in Damascus, he had not felt so strongly the presence of the past.