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Supermodified (album)

Supermodified is the fourth studio album by Brazilian electronic music producer Amon Tobin, and his third release on Ninja Tune. The album is in some ways a departure from his previous releases as it manages to cover a wider variety of styles. The album was Tobin's most commercially accessible release. Video clips were made for "Four Ton Mantis" (directed by Floria Sigismondi) and "Slowly".

Tobin's official website defined the title of the album as:

  • modification: the act of modifying, state of being modified; change made in vowel by mutation, graphic representation of this
  • super: on the top (of); over; beyond; besides; in addition; exceeding; going beyond; more

Supermodified may refer to:

  • Supermodified (album), Amon Tobin's third album release on Ninja Tune
  • Supermodified racing, a class of open wheel race car that races on short tracks in North America