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n. A jet aircraft with some superior quality, such as large size or high speed.


Superjet may refer to:

  • Either of two jets manufactured by Sukhoi Company of Russia:
    • Sukhoi Superjet 100
    • Sukhoi Superjet 130
  • SuperJet International, an Italy-based venture between Alenia Aermacchi and Sukhoi Holding
  • Superjet Lines, an Egyptian bus line operating in a number of Arab countries
  • Yamaha SuperJet, a personal watercraft made by Yamaha Motor Corporation

Usage examples of "superjet".

Within the area of a superjet, the Wright Brothers could have taken off, flown, and landed - and there would still have been room left for the little bicycle workshop in which they built their brave little airplane!

Pacific to Sydney by Superjet, then by charter plane had crossed and recrossed Australia.

Defense Department money to create an environment where pilot trainees for the new superjets could get a nearly perfect simulation of flying.

Combing superjets out of one's clothing is almost as bad as freezing in the snow.