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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Supe \Supe\, n. A super. [Theatrical Cant]


n. (context dated slang theater English) A extra or walk-on.


Supe may refer to:

  • Supe District in Peru
  • Unión Supe, football club for Supe, Peru
  • Supa, Parner, a village in India, also known as Supe

Usage examples of "supe".

A usted le debo este regalo de una muerte bizarra, que no supe apreciar en aquella hora, pero que las siguientes generaciones no han querido olvidar.

And when they come on the stage attended by a vast body-guard of supes in helmets and tin breastplates, it will be my duty as well as my pleasure to inform the ignorant that no crowned head of my acquaintance has a soldier any where about his house or his person.