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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He'd supped with the devil and no spoon was long enough.
▪ He'd been going round the beat supping this over-proofed rum from the Customs.
▪ He had to watch two more of his company die, for Polyphemus breakfasted as he had supped.
▪ He pushed the harmonium into the place where the mangle had stood, then sat down to sup his mug of tea.
▪ He wandered out into the kitchen and took a pint of milk from the fridge, supping straight from the bottle.
▪ Is not the past of the human race gloomy enough for you, without supping upon the imaginary horrors of its future?
▪ Then he supped hastily from the bone cup of the cranium.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sup \Sup\ (s[u^]p), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Supped; p. pr. & vb. n. Supping.] [OE. soupen to drink, AS. s[=u]pan; akin to D. zuipen, G. saufen, OHG. s[=u]fan, Icel. s[=u]pa, Sw. supa, Dan. s["o]be. Cf. Sip, Sop, Soup, Supper.] To take into the mouth with the lips, as a liquid; to take or drink by a little at a time; to sip.

There I'll sup Balm and nectar in my cup.


Sup \Sup\, n. A small mouthful, as of liquor or broth; a little taken with the lips; a sip.

Tom Thumb had got a little sup.


Sup \Sup\, v. i. [See Supper.] To eat the evening meal; to take supper.

I do entreat that we may sup together.


Sup \Sup\, v. t. To treat with supper. [Obs.]

Sup them well and look unto them all.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"eat the evening meal," c.1300, from Old French super, soper "dine, sup, dip bread in soup or wine, sop up" (Modern French souper), which probably is from soupe "broth" (see soup), until recently still the traditional evening meal of French workers.


"to sip, to take into the mouth with the lips," Old English supan (West Saxon), suppan, supian (Northumbrian) "to sip, taste, drink, swallow" (strong verb, past tense seap, past participle sopen), from Proto-Germanic *supanan (cognates: Old Norse supa "to sip, drink," Middle Low German supen, Dutch zuipen "to drink, tipple," Old High German sufan, German saufen "to drink, booze"), from PIE *sub-, possibly an extended form of root *seue- (2) "to take liquid" (cognates: Sanskrit sunoti "presses out juice," soma; Avestan haoma, Persian hom "juice;" Greek huetos "rain," huein "to rain;" Latin sugere "to suck," succus "juice, sap;" Lithuanian sula "flowing sap;" Old Church Slavonic soku "sap," susati "suck;" Middle Irish suth "sap;" Old English seaw "sap").


Etymology 1 n. A sip; a small amount of food or drink. vb. To sip; to take a small amount of food or drink into the mouth, especially with a spoon. Etymology 2

vb. To take supper. Etymology 3

interj. (context slang English) what's up (either as a greeting or actual question).

  1. n. a small amount of liquid food; "a sup of ale" [syn: swallow]

  2. [also: supping, supped]

  1. v. take solid or liquid food into the mouth a little at a time either by drinking or by eating with a spoon

  2. [also: supping, supped]


Sup may refer to:

  • Supremum or sup, in mathematics, the least upper bound of a partially ordered set
  • Societas unius personae, a Europe-wide legal form for a single-member private limited liability company proposed by the European Commission
  • SUP Media or Sup Fabrik, a Russian internet company, owners of LiveJournal
  • Sailors' Union of the Pacific
  • Scottish Unionist Party (1986), established in the mid 1980s
  • Simple Update Protocol, a proposal for making RSS and Atom feed updates faster and more efficient
  • Software Upgrade Protocol
  • Standup paddleboarding
  • Stanford University Press
  • Sydney University Press
  • Sup, the supersymmetric partner squark of the up quark
  • <nowiki><sup></nowiki>, an HTML tag for superscript
  • "Sup," an abbreviation of "what's up"
  • Supangle or sup, a Turkish dessert

Usage examples of "sup".

Fair with my friend Patu, who, taking it into his head to sup with a Flemish actress known by the name of Morphi, invited me to go with him.

After we had supped with the actress, Patu fancied a night devoted to a more agreeable occupation, and as I did not want to leave him I asked for a sofa on which I could sleep quietly during the night.

If mi mates ivver tempt me an get me to rooam, Aw sup pop when awm aght an sup whisky at hooam.

For awm nooan badly off nah awm sure, For awve plenty to ait an to sup.

The next day we supped together at my rooms, and spent the rest of the night in amorous pleasures.

The only thing which annoyed me was that the Charpillon, after apologizing for having made me sit down to such a poor dinner, invited herself and all the company to sup with me on any day I liked to mention.

When we had supped I asked for her name and address, and I was astonished to find that she was one of the girls whom Lord Pembroke had assessed at six guineas.

We supped merrily, and after supper we began our sports again, the syndic remaining as usual a mere looker-on, and well pleased with his part.

We then supped, and the real orgy began, in which la Riviere bore the brunt in a manner that was simply astonishing.

After the play we went to sup at an inn, and at table the good cheer and my exhortations began to take some effect on her.

Then, with a serious countenance and with great affability, he begged my pardon for having laughed so much, and very graciously invited me to come to his house and sup with them that same evening.

He was in a transport of joy, and begged me to come and sup with him at his casino the day after next, and to bring the girl with me, that the surrender might be made in form.

Madame Dubois begged me to delay my departure and sup once more with her.

She begged me to sup with her, and as she persisted I was obliged to refuse her in a way I should not have allowed myself to use with any other woman.

After coffee had been served the general invited us all to sup with him, and Madame Castelbajac begged me to hold a bank.