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Sule (river)

The Sule belongs to the Weser river system in north Germany. With a length of about it flows exclusively through the district of Diepholz in the federal state of Lower Saxony. It rises north of Scholen, flows in a southerly direction through the villages of Schwaförden, Sulingen, Kirchdorf and discharges into the Große Aue near Barenburg.

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Şule may refer to:

  • Şule Kut, head of the department of International Relations at the Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Şule Şahbaz, Turkish weightlifter
  • Sule, Indonesian comedian
Sule (comedian)

Entis Sutisna (born 15 November 1976), more commonly known as Sule, is an Indonesian comedian and actor. Sule became well-known after winning the Indonesian comedian audition show API (Audisi Pelawak Indonesia) with Ogi Suwarna and Obin Wahyudin in the group SOS in 2005. His fame escalated after landing a role in the comedic show Opera Van Java on Trans7. His son, Rizky Febian, is also an Indonesian singer.

Usage examples of "sule".

Han, Chewbacca, and Threepio emerge from the battered cap- sule as it slowly sinks into the murky swamp.

This is always the problem of taking the small streets, but today they are repaving Sule Pagoda Road, so we had to go this way.

The first astronauts had done planetfall in such capsules, by parachute.

Since then I have learned enough of this and that to do my own bargaining, though Yashoukkim are all over the place like fleas and the Suling Lallers are getting hard to figure.

The undying there are drawing in, trying to shut honest merchants out of Suling waters.

He switched the boosters up to the top, and signaled Damia and Larak to get into their cap sules.