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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also Sukie, familiar form of fem. proper name Susan, Susanna. As "a tea kettle" from 1823.


Sukey is an organization which emerged in Britain on 28 January 2011 with the aim of improving communications among participants in the student demonstrations. Its immediate aim was to counteract the police tactics of kettling, by co-ordinating information electronically and transmitting it to the protesters, allowing them to avoid the police kettle.

Sukey was founded by Sam Carlisle and Sam Gaus during the occupation by students at University College London. During a demonstration, Sukey’s multi-platform news, communications and logistical support system displays realtime police and protest behaviour in a way that protesters on the street can access on their mobile telephones.

Sukey combines validated information sourced directly from protesters via social media feeds including Twitter, Facebook and others with news that comes in by SMS text messages, TV and radio. Sukey recirculates that information back into the crowd using a combination of smartphones and standard feature mobile phones.

Sukey was released on 28 January 2011 and field tested at the peaceful student protests in London on 29 January.

Sukey is named after the nursery rhyme ' Polly Put The Kettle On', which ends when a character called Sukey is instructed to take the kettle off again. Thus the name is a reference to ending police kettles.

Usage examples of "sukey".

Pass over Aiken and the other silver-torc prisoners, the man Raimo and the woman Sukey, their infantile mental babblings as grating as the efforts of fledgling violinists importuning the ears of a cranky virtuoso.

He could see Sukey and Reville through the sheet of blueness, on the other side of it, staring as if they had been put under a stasis spell.

Sukey was in a high fever, but still had no sign of a bubo, and Joan had a small plague-spot on one breast.

I asked Mrs Belflower and Sukey about them and what they told me seemed duller and yet in a way stranger than my inventions.

John Mellamphy promise to give Harry Podger and Sukey Podger one quarter of the Huffam estate if ever I come into it, as God is my witness.

My mother left the table and went over to sit on the sopha in the window as Sukey, carrying the tray, left the room.

Before she could answer, however, I remembered something she had just said and a sudden and terrifying thought occurred to me: Mr Advowson had said that it was Hinxman who had removed the entry from the vestry and I tried now to recall if Sukey had seen him on that distant day when he and Emma tried to abduct me.

Sukey Shippen, daughter of a prominent Philadelphia doctor, as a student in housewifery.

Sukey went into the bayou late at night, and she danced the Calinda and the Bamboula.

Before the trip south concluded, Sukey was able to bring Stein genuine relief from mental dysfunctions that had plagued him from childhood.

Tasha-Bybar, had reversed the sterilization procedure obligatory to all time-traveling women, making Sukey ready for King Thagdal's droit du seigneur (Tasha, a great heroine to the Tanu, had perfected this restoration of fertility, making possible the Tanu breeding scheme that utilized human women.

Under this lid, Sukey had seen the pitiful state of Stein's subconscious mind, the old psychic ulcerations, the newly torn rents in his self-esteem, all gurging about in a maelstrom of suppressed violence.

If it weren’t for the silly fellow getting knocked into horsenails so often, and him and Sukey not daring to provoke me for fear I might leave my fortune away from them, let alone providing for Emma’s coming-out, I daresay I should never see anything of either of ’em, nor my grandchildren neither, so maybe its all for the best.

In the southern cavalcade, led by Creyn, were Elizabeth, Bryan, Aiken Drum, the wounded Stein, and two other silver-torc humans: a former juvenile officer from a colonial satellite, Sukey Davies, and a glum Finno-Canadian forester, Raimo Hakkinen.

Led by Creyn with a minimum two-guard escort, it consisted of the unforced Elizabeth and Bryan, Aiken Drum in his silver collar, unconscious Stein wearing a gray torc, and two other latent humans who had been gifted with silver: Sukey Davies, a former juvenile officer from a colonial satellite, and Raimo Hakkinen, a glum Finno-Canadian forester.