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n. (alternative spelling of souq English)


Suk or SUK may refer to:

Suk (name)

Suk is a both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Usage examples of "suk".

It was in this house that Professor Suk had started his research thirty years before.

Professor Suk was entering the third decade of his research work, when his eyes had become quick and his mouth slower than his ear, when his books had been accepted by archeologists and Arabists, there was yet another reason for him to come to the capital.

The first time he went to take his exam, Isailo Suk was relieved to see that the head of the examining board was an instructor from his faculty, who had recently taken his doctoral orals before a commission Suk himself had chaired, and whom he often saw through the window sitting in the Third Boot Tavern.

With considerable accuracy she explained to her son how Professor Suk had established that the keys found in a jar from the Crimea had silver, copper, or gold barbarian imitation coins for handles.

Professor Suk took the key out of his pocket and examined it through his magnifying glass.

Isailo Suk, who is fluent in Arabic and studies Islamic sources on the Khazar polemic.

If Suk had kept the cash without performing the requested service, he doubted the man would be able to do much to stop him.

German people, Keijo Suk had in truth been sent to the West in order to form ties with the former Communists of the former East Germany who were vying for positions of power in the new, united Germany.

At the other end of the path, Suk spied bright square patches of yellow-the lights of a lonely fishing village.

Unbeknownst to him, Suk left a trail of freshly disturbed dust in its wake.

Across the room, flushed with triumph, Keijo Suk gave in to the urge to grab a handful of gold coins from an urn near the door.

Keijo Suk hurried back out into the frigid Korean night, slamming the door tightly behind him.

Asian moonlight, the three coins Suk had dropped glowed dully on the living-room floor of the Master of Sinanju.

Keijo Suk glanced in once as he passed by before continuing along the sidewalk.

Walking briskly across the virtually empty dining area, Suk slid into the booth across from Kluge.