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n. (eye dialect of sir English)


Suh may refer to:

  • Suh (surname), spelling variation of surname Seo
  • Ndamukong Suh, NFL defensive tackle
  • Suh, Iran, village in Iran

Usage examples of "suh".

I wants to ask you, suh, is where them niggers from Jackson is at now.

At the same time, suh, everyone talking and no one listening, like in a Chinese market, not a few furious and shouting at Struan that he was insane, and how in the hell could we carry on trade--you know, the obvious and the truth.

No sooner had this man taken possession than he began to be exclusive, suh, and to put on airs.

Not the crop that was planted, suh, but the crop that he expected to plant.

Well, suh, what was there left for a high-toned Southern gentleman to do?

Not in a boastful manner, suh, but with propah humility, let me say that I had the honor to breed and raise Sweet Alice, and that she bore my colors when she won the tenth renewal of our great classic.

Not only that, suh, but he insults the name of the thoroughbred and all it stands for, still tendahly cherished by some of us.

Ah have heard of this abhorant practise that has come as a part of this mercenary age, and, suh, Ah abominate both it and the man who would be guilty of such an act!