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Inspector Sugg thought one of the young medical gentlemen at the hospital might have brought the corpse round for a joke, as you might say, they always having bodies in the dissecting-room.

The funny thing is, old Sugg had got bitten with the idea it is him, and is wildly telegraphing to Lady Levy to come and identify him.

The incomparable Sugg has made a discovery and arrested little Thipps.

Sermon that the womenfolk of the Sugg family were short-lived but the men came from much tougher stock for Flash, his father, was now well into his seventies but still active, alert and ready to retire to bed on a quart of beer, a whole rice pudding and half a jar of pickled onions.

He realised that this was so for in all the years he had spent at Napier Hall he had not made a single friend, indeed, he was closer to chance acquaintances like Tapper Sugg and this woman than to anyone in the world he had shrugged off a day or so ago.

Sometimes, during the day, he went for a short hike, nursing his blister and hardening his feet and at least once a day he dropped in to see Tapper and his father and son, drinking cocoa in the littered bakery and listening to Flash Sugg inveigh against the modern trends of The Trade.

It was one of the things that had attracted him to Olga and, before that, to Tapper Sugg and the barmaid at the Cat and Carthorse just over the hill.

Sermon reflected that had Tapper Sugg been negotiating the deal he would have probably closed at a hundred less.

He was a success at his job on the Esplanade which occupied him five days a week and on weekday evenings he usually took a walk, or drove out with Rachel, or drank a pint with Tapper Sugg in one or other of the local taverns.

Sybil and after Sybil, Rachel and finally Olga, due back in a month, and as a double postscript his half-promises to Tapper Sugg and the Town Clerk.

I shall go into partnership with Tapper Sugg if she goes ahead with the divorce.

Sebastian protested, smiling and thinking how Tapper Sugg would have enjoyed his mother-in-law.

For a moment or so it meant absolutely nothing to him and then he remembered, it was a number that Tapper Sugg had urged him to call and make an appointment to see some gilt cupids and oak panelling.

Mr and Miss Loveday, the latter wearing her usual garments but flourishing a black-edged handkerchief and nursing a pair of unworn black kid gloves, the Second Master, whose name was Regison, Mr Reeder, the School bursar, the School secretary, Mr Sugg, and a Housemaster named Mr Poundbury who had his own reasons for being an interested party.