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SUF may refer to:

  • Scouts unitaires de France
  • Socialistisk Ungdomsfront (Socialist Youth Front, Denmark)
  • Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet (Swedish Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation)
  • SUF, the IATA code for the Lamezia Terme International Airport in Italy
  • Souf, a town in Jordan
  • The lexical root of Sufi is variously traced to صُوف, ṣūf "wool"
  • Svenskt utlandsregistrerat företag, meaning Swedish Foreign Registered Branch/Company

Usage examples of "suf".

The recovery of those victims who had suf fered from the effects of the mind-machine had proved that Botany's serene beauty could eradicate stress and injury.

Until Dorotea has developed suf ficient discretion to handle her mental gift, you are going to have to block it.