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Sudabeh is a fictional character in the Persian epic Shahnameh. She was princess of Hamavaran kingdom (Saka Haumavarga or Amyrgian) and later, becomes the wife of Kay Kāvus, shah of Iran, and stepmother of prince Siyavash. She is most famous for her role in Siyavash choosing exile. When young Siavash, who was raised by Rostam away from his father’s court, returns, Sudabeh sees him and falls in love. She tricks Siavash into going to her private palace in order to visit his sisters. There she reveals her real intention to him and tries to seduce him. Siavash resists her and refuses to betray his father. Sudabeh, who is disappointed, tries to manipulate her husband and turn him against his son. After much conflict, Siavash decides to leave his father’s court for good and goes to Turan. After Siavash is assassinated in Turan, Rostam, who blames Sudabeh for the incident, murders her.