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a. (context slang English) Being something which sucks, which is unpleasant or lacks value. n. A pacifier.

Usage examples of "sucky".

Figure out a way to make her say the whole thing: Sucky fucky, five bucks.

On the other side of the desert we came to a swamp, great sucky grasses tufted into a green scum, we abandoned the Land-Rover for a pirogue, and with one of my companions paddling in the bow and the other poling in the stern and me in the middle set off across the dank whining surface, giant cypresses gnarling and snarling all about us and two-inch-high tree monkeys hanging by one arm like evil fruits therefrom.

For example, I could safely say that God was a sucky conversationalist and not nearly as interesting as Satan.

Europeans who have to travel thousands of miles just to get a job as sucky as the Geek gig, or serving up greasy eats, for that matter?

I mean, I had a long and sucky school career that ended three months short of graduation.

That entire sucky afternoon, she tried to sketch a rock or a tree, and crumpled the paper, disgusted.

And don't visit unless you really want to visit Coming back when you really don't want to would be even suckier than spending New Year's alone.

Even in the suckiest of the sucky, however, there were scenes in which you couldn’t help but like the guy, admire him, want so much to hang out with him.