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n. (context biology English) A secondary or subsidiary race.


Subrace may refer to:

  • Subrace, a taxnomic division below race (biology)
  • Subrace or sub-race, a particular variety ("Grey Elf", "Cave Troll", etc.) of a fictional "race" in fantasy fiction and gaming

Usage examples of "subrace".

Collective 47 had considered using the race on the far side as a subrace, but it was simply too dangerous.

And so a tribe of them, the Elder subrace of Dhracians, was given the onerous task of guarding the Vault, living deep within the earth, separated from the wind that is their mother, day into day into eternity.

Overall, the Kolnari subrace seems to have very efficient immune systems.

The Rhoahals were the first subrace of Atlantis twelve feet high and coal black.

We stand at the cradle of a new subrace, and each race or subrace has its own messiah.

Alpine subrace, short and stocky and brunette, so they appreciate the Valkyrie type.

There are certain idiosyncratic structures of face and body found only in the members of the Celtic subrace, and the stubble of beard on his face, though darkened by prolonged abstinence from the means of ablution, had a reddish tinge.

The friends of Miss Phosphor McCabe were plainly of a Fortean race, but they were not of the Stutzamutza subrace as Dollo had expected.

One gate had been entirely ceded to the subraces and would be assaulted by a combination of Mreee and N!

It was not easy to place her in one of the major Terran subraces or assign a planet of origin for her line.

And for all they look the same, they're pretty much two distinct subraces of orca.

While there were notorious disputes in Europe as to which races and subraces were vermin, all Europeans could agree that the thieving, fortune-telling, childstealing Gypsies were the enemies of all decent humankind.