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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Then we were off and running with subfreezing temperatures, submerging boats in the water, subservient, subterranean.
▪ He could submerge his anger for only so long.
▪ Humans become unconscious after being submerged for 3 hours in water at 15C.
▪ Peter pulled on the mask and submerged again.
▪ Poindexter and North were both completely submerged in the scandal.
▪ Sonar was used to locate the submerged plane wreckage.
▪ At another point he found himself completely submerged, lungs like stone, an underwater rush in his ears.
▪ For obvious reasons, laser beams or submerged fluorescent wires can not be used to mark the start line.
▪ Some problems were the result of sightseers splashing through submerged roads in vehicles.
▪ The company said longwall production had been halted after part of the longwall mining equipment had become submerged.
▪ The temporary bridge was first of all submerged then, like a matchstick, it was lifted up and swept aside.
▪ This allowed the filter to slide down to the bottom submerging the trickle filter section.
▪ With the rest of their bodies submerged, their eyes go unnoticed.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Submerge \Sub*merge"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Submerged; p. pr. & vb. n. Submerging.] [L. submergere, submersum; sub under + mergere to plunge: cf. F. submerger. See Merge.]

  1. To put under water; to plunge.

  2. To cover or overflow with water; to inundate; to flood; to drown.

    I would thou didst, So half my Egypt were submerged.


Submerge \Sub*merge"\, v. i. To plunge into water or other fluid; to be buried or covered, as by a fluid; to be merged; hence, to be completely included.

Some say swallows submerge in ponds.
--Gent. Mag.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600 (transitive), from French submerger (14c.) or directly from Latin submergere "to plunge under, sink, overwhelm," from sub "under" (see sub-) + mergere "to plunge, immerse" (see merge). Intransitive meaning "sink under water, sink out of sight" is from 1650s, made common 20c. in connection with submarines. Related: Submerged; submerging.


vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To sink out of sight. 2 (context transitive English) To put into a liquid; to immerse; to plunge into and keep in. 3 (context transitive English) To be engulfed in or with something.

  1. v. sink below the surface; go under or as if under water [syn: submerse]

  2. cover completely or make imperceptible; "I was drowned in work"; "The noise drowned out her speech" [syn: drown, overwhelm]

  3. put under water; "submerge your head completely" [syn: submerse]

  4. fill or cover completely, usually with water [syn: inundate, deluge]

Submerge (nightclub)
For the 1998 Japanese album Submerge, see Coaltar of the Deepers

Submerge is an Indian dance and clubbing scene founded in 2002 by MTV India VJ Nikhil Chinapa, with DJ Pearl, Chinappa's wife, as a co-founder.

Submerge has been influential in the music and clubbing scene in India by creating an alternative to the then existing music mainstream, playing music: techno, trance, house, progressive, psychedelic, tribal, electro and tech house sounds and unreleased or indie sounds. It is also host to many internationally renowned names in DJing and is planning to spread the formula all over India with big Indian and international names.


Submerge (and its variants) means to be covered by something (usually a liquid), such as being underwater:

  • Submerged arc welding
  • Submerged continent
  • Submerged forest
  • Submerged floating tunnel
  • Submerged specific gravity
  • Submergent coastline
  • Submergent plant
  • Submersible
  • Submersible bridge
  • Submersible drilling rig
  • Submersible mixer
  • Submersisphaeria, submerged fungi genus
  • Ceratophyllum submersum, submerged, free-floating, aquatic plant
  • the action of a submarine of diving below the surface of water

Submerge, Submerged, or Submersed may also refer to:

  • Submerge, 1998 album by the Japanese alternative rock band Coaltar of the Deepers
  • Submerge (nightclub), Indian nightclub
  • Submerged (film), a 2005 film
  • Submerged (video game), a 2015 video game
  • Submerged (DJ), alias of Kurt Gluck, Brooklyn-based disc jockey
  • Submerged Records, a record label
  • Submersed, American rock band

Usage examples of "submerge".

Navy is in your hands, but you must take command of their automated submerged platform, the Snare.

Physically, the copying process went as follows: the object to be copied was submerged into a tank with water containing cyborg-bacteria, and these bacteria gradually disassembled, one might even say dissolved, the object atom by atom.

It rained for forty days and forty nights, and the waters rose through the roots of the banyan and rose through the branches until only the youngest leaves showed above the flood, and at last even these were submerged.

Our ancestors were told it was a burning lake of fire, of sulfur and brimstone, in which one was eternally submerged.

Those first weeks of basic training quickly took on the quality of a challengea challenge to our sharp-edged smart-ass individuality which we were supposed to submerge in humility, prayer, the tedium of routine, the constant busyness, the sounds and smells of a religious dorm.

Instead we continued to submerge until the manometer registered forty feet and then I knew that we were safe.

So, even an ooglith masquer can learn a little when submerged in knowledge.

One by one the mers rose in the water, butted briefly against her down reaching hand, and submerged again.

Dottie and I sit in pedicure chairs on either side of Lou Lou, our feet submerged in bubbling warm water.

Yet, Seith did not understand why Tarran preferred the quiet of his own company and a few friends to a large household where someone was certain to say something that brought forth the memories he was trying to submerge where they never could be retrieved.

I believe our ranch will best prosper if we speedily submerge our longhorns and Shorthorns and change over completely to Herefords.

The sea spouted into columns around her and her hull jarred and rang with the water hammers of submerged explosions.

Incubae and succubae, the shriek of the mandrake root pulled from the ground which drove a man mad if he heard it, chloroform a decoy of Satan, smallpox a visitation of God: all those, and many more, he could believe that he would not have believed, but would have stood forth, as he was submerged now, in Reason.

Tigger led her to a submerged circle of tall inverted trapezoids supporting a greenish dome.

Entrenched in Moscow from searching criticism, the Marxist ideology may become more and more dogmatic and unprogressive, repeating its sacred credo and issuing its disregarded orders to the proletariat of the world, and so stay ineffectively crystallized until the rising tide of the Open Conspiracy submerges, dissolves it afresh, and incorporates whatever it finds assimilable.