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Sübh is a village in the municipality of Birinci Mayak in the Neftchala Rayon of Azerbaijan.

Subh (sultana)

Subh, also known as Sobeya, Sobha, and Sabiha Malika Qurtuba, was a 10th-century sultana who ruled the Caliph of Córdoba in Islamic Spain as a regent for her son Hisham II al-Hakam.

Subh was a concubine of Christian origin with the original name Aurora, abducted from Navarra and brought to Cordoba. Subh's origins have alternatively been identified as Basque from the Gascony region. She became the favourite wife of the Caliph al-Hakam.

After the death of al-Hakam, Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir (also known as Almanzor), became the administrator of the properties left to Subh by al-Hakam.

Subh was allied with General Ghalib al-Nasiri and al-Mansur, although the regents may have been al-Mushafi (the chief administrator of the late caliph), Ghalib and al-Mansur. In any event, it was al-Mansur, who was rumored to be Subh's lover, who rose to become the new ruler of Cordoba. al-Mansur had become the de facto ruler of Córdoba by 978, pushing both Subh and Hisham to the sidelines.