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The Collaborative International Dictionary

subfusc \sub*fusc"\, a. [L. subfuscus, suffuscus. See Sub-, and Fuscous.]

  1. Same as subfuscous.

  2. Drab; dingy; dull. [Chiefty Brit.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"moderately dark, brownish," 1710, from Latin subfuscus, variant of suffuscus, from sub- (see sub-) + fuscus "dark, dusky" (see obfuscate). Related: Subfuscous "dusky."


a. Having subdued colors. n. 1 Dark clothing. 2 Clothing acceptable, by regulation at certain universities, for an examination or official event.


adj. devoid of brightness or appeal; "a subfusc mining town"; "dark subfusc clothing"

Usage examples of "subfusc".

As well as these there was of course the brilliant spectrum of officers - the particoloured Scots were particularly admired - people from the various ministries in their comparatively subfusc court dress, and civilians of all sorts, the levee being a wonderful place for discreet contacts, for the gathering of information, and for learning just how influence and favour waxed or waned.

The undergraduates who had spent the past three years reading modern history were like magpies in their black and white subfusc as they flocked out of the Examination Schools in the High Street, their gowns billowing behind them.

She was dressed in servants' subfusc and smelled of orange blossom.