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n. 1 (context India English) A province. 2 (context India English) A government, as of a viceroy. 3 (context India English) A subadar.


Subash is a village in Batken Region of Kyrgyzstan.

Nearby towns and villages include Gaz (7 miles), Augul (8 miles) and Raut (9 miles).

Subash (film)

Subash is a 1996 Tamil action film directed by R. V. Udayakumar. The film features Arjun and Revathi in lead roles. The film, produced by K. S. Srinivasan and K. S. Sivaraman, had musical score by Vidyasagar and was released on 20 September 1996. The film was an average grosser at the box office.