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Usage examples of "styr".

Eric was backed in the dispute by Styr Thorgrimsson, Eyiulf of Sviney, the sons of Brand of Alptafirth and Thorbiorn Vifilsson, while the Thorgesters were upheld by the sons of Thord the Yeller and Thorgeir of Hitardal.

He thereupon equipped his ship for a voyage, in Ericsvag, and when he was ready to sail, Styr and the others accompanied him out beyond the islands.

Containing battles were fought along the Strypa and the Styr, and Czartorysk passed once more into Russian hands and Kolki was added to their gains.

Forcing the Austrians across the Styr in front of Dubno, he advanced along its tributary the Lipa, captured Mikhailovka and Bludov, and then swinging south occupied Berestechko and threatened Brody on the 20th.

Airborne paratroopers were among the heroes of D-Day, the Battles of the Bulge and Bastogne, and had helped liberate styrer trie ljuwtitstj Normandy, Holland, Belgium, Sicily, Italy, and North Africa.

I have the contract for the supply of oxen to the City of Venice, and I get the cattle from Styria and Hungary.

Kirby purchased a mine in Carinthia, on the borders of Styria, and worked it himself.

Archduke Mathias, who was to succeed him, and Ferdinand, Duke of Styria, also to become Emperor of Germany, were much abler men, and maintained a good front against the Moslems in Lower Hungary, but the Turks all the time steadily advanced.

It is well known that several animals, belonging to the most different classes, which inhabit the caves of Styria and of Kentucky, are blind.

Did she know, he asked, that in the year 1600, when Ferdinand was Archduke of Styria, he had burned all of the Protestant books in his domains, including more than 10,000 volumes in the city of Graz alone?

For, some years earlier, when he was Archduke of Styria, Ferdinand had signed an agreement with his cousin and brother-in-law, the King of Spain.

Worst of all, though, was a new report from Prague, delivered by a courier in red-and-gold De Quester livery, describing how a Habsburg, Ferdinand of Styria, was soon to be elected Holy Roman Emperor with the blessing of his cousin and brother-in-law, the King of Spain.

Their graffiti and placards mushroomed on the walls of Heidelberg and Prague in 1616 or 1617, about the time, that is, when Ferdinand of Styria was named king-designate of Bohemia.

There were the Lutheran clergymen expelled from Styria and the bonfire of 10,000 Protestant books in the city of Graz, from which Kepler was banished.

Guiana, Archduke Ferdinand of Styria concluded with the King of Spain a treaty under whose terms Philip recognised Ferdinand as the successor to the Emperor Matthias in return for the German territory of Alsace and two Imperial enclaves in Italy.