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n. 1 (context cricket English) (plural of stump English)Category:English plurals 2 (context uncountable cricket English) close of play (when the stumps are pulled out of the ground by the umpires) vb. (present participle of stump English)

Usage examples of "stumps".

Feldrin was lying lifeless on the floor, his arms two scorched stumps and his face burned away, and Tholone was on his back, dawing feebly at gilding from the smoldering banner that had melted onto his face.

Birds called in the distant depths of its shade gloom, and small furry things scuttled here and there among the dead leaves that carpeted its mossy stumps and mushroom-studded dead falls.

He sprang into the air as he spoke, leaving Sharran wand-blasts to ravage elfless stumps and ferns, and collapsed his shield into a net of deadly force that clawed at the Overmistress.

Ahead, the teeth of the fire were bared in hollow logs and stumps, glowing coals defying the petty attempts of the sleet to quench them.

Fener, but the paths the sprites took to those stumps touched not a single tattooed line.

Heboric said, setting off, his feet sinking into the sand so that it seemed he walked on stumps to match those at the end of his arms.

Felisin made no effort to help, watching with fascination as he managed the task with a deftness belying the apparent awkwardness of the scarred stumps of his wrists.

Grey, weathered stumps marked mooring poles and more substantial piers just beyond what had once been the shoreline, along with remnants of the usual garbage that had once been dumped over the sides of ships.

The endless ruins revealed that a city had once stood here, a city of spacious gardens and courtyards, pools and fountains, all reduced to stumps and low ridges.

A few ancient cedar stands remain, amidst stumps that have turned to stone.

Then, with a sizable rock, he smashed away at the short stumps of removed branches until the log was comparatively smooth and altogether serviceable.

They were ponderous, low slung beasts with round, lumpy hooves and legs like the stumps of trees.

Why do they not get to work and dig up these long rows of black and crooked stumps which I see on every hand?

Now not even tree stumps were visible in this place, for the forests had been replaced in the shorn uplands by a dense tangle of bracken and bramble and bilberry or by blackened mats of burned roots, producing a forlorn-looking landscape that was of little use to man or beast.

A collection of stumps replaced the trees, and Ryld jumped up onto one of them then hopped to another and another, making his way toward the settlement.