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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ For a while I was stumped, I confess.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stump \Stump\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Stumped; p. pr. & vb. n. Stumping.]

  1. To cut off a part of; to reduce to a stump; to lop.

    Around the stumped top soft moss did grow.
    --Dr. H. More.

  2. To strike, as the toes, against a stone or something fixed; to stub. [Colloq.]

  3. To challenge; also, to nonplus. [Colloq.]

  4. To travel over, delivering speeches for electioneering purposes; as, to stump a State, or a district. See To go on the stump, under Stump, n. [Colloq. U.S.]

  5. (Cricket)

    1. To put (a batsman) out of play by knocking off the bail, or knocking down the stumps of the wicket he is defending while he is off his allotted ground; -- sometimes with out.
      --T. Hughes.

    2. To bowl down the stumps of, as, of a wicket. A herd of boys with clamor bowled, And stumped the wicket. --Tennyson. To stump it.

      1. To go afoot; hence, to run away; to escape. [Slang]
        --Ld. Lytton.

      2. To make electioneering speeches. [Colloq. U.S.]

  1. 1 perplexed, at a loss. 2 (context cricket of a batsman not comparable English) To be out by being stumped by the wicket keeper. v

  2. (en-past of: stump)

Stumped (film)

Stumped is a 2003 Bollywood sport/drama film written and directed by Gaurav Pandey and produced by Raveena Tandon. This film is a debut for Raveena as producer. Sachin Tendulkar had a cameo appearance in the film.

Despite a notable promotional campaign, the film had little impact after its release.

Stumped (radio)

Stumped is a weekly cricket show from the BBC World Service produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and All India Radio. Stumped is produced by BBC Sport for the BBC World Service.