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In the Marvel universe, "Stucky" is the ship name for the characters Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America) and Bucky Barnes (AKA the Winter Soldier).

The two were great friends before World War II, when Rogers became Captain America. They were separated for 70 years, while Cap was frozen in the middle of the ocean and Bucky was believed to be dead. However in Captain America: The Winter Soldier they meet again, but Bucky doesn't remember Steve thanks to Hydra's brainwashing. At the end of the movie Cap loses track of his long-lost best friend, but makes it his personal mission to find him and bring back HIS Bucky. This leads to the following movie, Captain America: Civil War, where Steve goes against half of his friends, team and 117 nations to protect Bucky from them. Need me a man like that.

This ship is quite popular among Marvel fans, for they claim that Cap is in fact bisexual. Yes people, one of Marvel's most famous superheros is believed to be bisexual, being his life-long companion Bucky considered his partner. In fact, circulating around social media is the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend defending this theory and trying to show the big bosses at Marvel what many people would like to see as Cap's relationship status.

Stucky is also a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Galen D. Stucky, American inorganic materials chemist
  • Janaka Stucky, American poet and publisher
  • Scott W. Stucky, appeals court judge from Kansas
  • Steven Stucky (1949−2016), American composer