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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Grey stubble covered his cheeks and chin.
▪ I could hear his hand moving over the stubble of his beard. fourteen White Sands was astonishing.
▪ Laughter rolls across the brush and stubble.
▪ Spraying crops and burning stubble also provoke outcries from nearby residents.
▪ The stubble is not a superstitious concession to the streak.
▪ The white stubble on his fleshless jaw was a reproach to my twenty-four years and suddenly I felt an inadequate city-bred softie.
▪ The young man stood patiently waiting, in jeans with rolled cuffs, two days' stubble on his chin.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stubble \Stub"ble\, n. [OE. stobil, stoble, OF. estouble, estuble, F. ['e]tuele, LL. stupla, stupula, L. stipula stubble, stalk; cf. D. & G. stopped, OHG. stupfila. Cf. Stipule.] The stumps of wheat, rye, barley, oats, or buckwheat, left in the ground; the part of the stalk left by the scythe or sickle. ``After the first crop is off, they plow in the wheast stubble.''

Stubble goose (Zo["o]l.), the graylag goose. [Prov. Eng.]

Stubble rake, a rake with long teeth for gleaning in stubble.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "stumps of grain stalks left in the ground after reaping," from Old French estuble "stubble" (Modern French éteule), from Vulgar Latin stupla, reduced form of Latin stipula "stalk, straw" (see stipule). Applied from 1590s to bristles on a man's unshaven face.


n. 1 (qualifier Appendix:Glossary#C countable and Appendix:Glossary#U uncountable) short, coarse hair, especially on a man’s face. 2 (qualifier Appendix:Glossary#C countable and Appendix:Glossary#U uncountable) the short stalks left in a field after crops have been harvested.


n. material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds [syn: chaff, husk, shuck, stalk, straw]


Stubble may mean:

  • The short stalks left in a field after crops have been harvested: see crop residue
  • Short stumps of hair that grow back on a man's face after shaving, often known as a five o'clock shadow
    • Designer stubble: shaving stubble of a type that became popular in the 1980s

Usage examples of "stubble".

Stripped and adust In a stubble of empire Scything and binding The full sheaves of sovereignty.

Stripped and adust In a stubble of empire, Scything and binding The full sheaves of sovranty: Thus, O, thus gloriously, Shall you fulfil yourselves!

What Alec could see of his face beneath the brim of his battered slouch hat was dark with stubble and dust.

When Aumery dried him off, Michel rubbed the stubble on his head, feeling vulnerable with the air moving against his scalp and his bare, clean skin.

Irritably Ori ran his right hand over the stubble already covering his shaven pate and face, his left shoulder bandaged and arm still in a sling.

Clovelly herrings and Torridge salmon, Exmoor mutton and Stow venison, stubble geese and woodcocks, curlew and snipe, hams of Hampshire, chitterlings of Taunton, and botargos of Cadiz, such as Pantagruel himself might have devoured.

When he was done, he combed his hair and braided it, dug the silver knife from the sleeve of the discarded robe and used it to scrape the stubble from his cheeks.

But if the oak had ever had a dryad, she was long gone, and the grass around the tree was nothing more now than greyish stubble that crumbled away into dust beneath the hooves of the animals as they rode over it.

Cautiously he eased himself up the flue, clearing the soot as he went, partly with his brush and partly with the spiky stubble that grew out of his head.

I distion the distance, a Caterpillar continued to growl over the former hayfield, its blade scraping away the thick stubble and taking the top layer of soil with it as the machine carved out the dimensions of the oval training track being built on the site.

He turned to Hitchcock, who had one hand clamped meditatively over the lower half of his face, pushing his nose back and forth and scratching around in his thick white stubble.

Round about me there was womanlessness, jawlines, crewcuts, hunks leathered up like frogmen, Adam in full stubble and muscle and sweat.

He was standing naked, his back to her, his dark hair tousled from a towel drying and his face partially covered with lamer as he raised his hand to scrape dark stubble from his left cheek.

There were no megastars parading complete with an entourage of press agents and gofers, no studio executives with ponytails and designer stubble chins, no fashionable catering, no upstairs rooms where pretty young boys, shapely girls, and little bowls of white powder were arrayed for guests to help themselves.

She nibbled his bottom lip, then drew her tongue over his lips, touched the corners of his mouth, licked around the firm contours of his jaw, feeling the prickle of stubble against her tongue.