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Stu is a masculine given name or nickname, usually a shortened form ( hypocorism) of Stuart or Stewart. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "stu".

Henry Carmichael and Stu Redman both worked at the calculator plant but rarely got more than thirty hours a week.

He had grown up that way right here in town, the son of a dentist who had died when Stu was seven, leaving his wife and two other children besides Stu.

At the age of nine, Stu had gone to work, first for Rog Tucker, who owned the Red Ball, helping to unload trucks after school for thirty-five cents an hour, and then at the stockyards in the neighboring town of Braintree, lying about his age to get twenty backbreaking hours of labor a week at the minimum wage.

His youngest brother, Dev, had died of pneumonia the year he began at the yards, and Stu had never quite gotten over that.

Two months before he graduated from high school, she had died, leaving Stu with his brother Bryce to support.

Four years ago his wife had died of cancer at the age of twenty-seven, it had started in her womb and then just raced up through her like wildfire, and Stu had observed the way they got around her questions, either by changing the subject or giving her information in large, technical lumps.

He Stuck out his hand, clad in a thin transparent rubber glove, and Stu, surprised into the defensive, shook it.

For a wild moment Stu considered ripping his nose-filter out, and then he remembered Geraldo, what a Stupid name for a guinea pig.

Either way, the integrity of the Atlanta Plague Center had been breached, and Stu thought that everyone who had been there was now getting a chance to do a little firsthand research on the virus they called A-Prime or the superflu.

Baggie into smoking, burning shreds and Stu Redman would become a Golden Oldie.

Elder scared Stu because there would be no reasoning or pleading with such a man.

If Elder got up now, Stu thought he would probably miss him with all five bullets at point-blank range.

For a moment Stu could only stare at him, frozen, and then he blundered into the room where his personal effects were piled on the desk.

At the elevators another corridor ran at right angles to this one, and leaning against the wall was a man Stu recognized as one of his nurses.

When it scented him, it would most likely crawl back into the bushes and bark hysterically at him until Stu left its territory.