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Strome may refer to:


  • Jennifer Strome, producer and writer
  • Dylan Strome (born 1997), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Ryan Strome (born 1993), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Steve Strome, the former head men’s tennis coach at Miami University, Louisiana State University


  • Strome, Alberta, village in East Central Alberta, Canada
  • Strome Castle, ruined castle on the shore of Loch Carron in Stromemore on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands
  • Strome Park, Lincoln County Park in Coastal Oregon, USA

Usage examples of "strome".

Given a choice I would rather go with Strome to face Kroun down again than pretend to be jovial to the customers.

I thought of how Strome had sunk Bristow and his boys in the water to lose them.

I watched the domestic drama with an equally unmoved Strome, content to let other guys rush in to bust things up.

The first time Strome had addressed me as such I nearly told him to stop, but held back.

For a few deep and profound seconds it struck me that every one of the tough guys crowding this room, the muscle, the sharps, the thieves, the killers, from Strome to the boss in charge, were all little more than walking bags of blood.

If even Strome noticed how bad I looked, then Bobbi would see red flags and hear sirens.

Derner does all the day-to-day stuff and keeps the Nightcrawler running smooth, Strome sees to the rest.

The back alleys in my head knew that, which was why I had Strome tuning the car radio to comedies.

Mitchell and Strome were with him but in an odd way were almost invisible.

If Strome came right back to drive me over, there was a chance I could catch the call.

He called one of the busboys over and sent him up to get me, then I ran into Strome on the way down.

An hour after the club was closed and the last straggling worker left, Strome helped the goons load in an exceptionally heavy laundry basket, then they drove off.

About five minutes after parking in the alley, Strome and his crew were out again and driving away.

I braced Strome against a wall, scooped up some mostly clean snow, and rubbed it in his face.

Cut from the same block of granite as Strome, his dark eyes both looked made of glass, the effect reinforced by the fact they were not quite in line.