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Strobocalyx is a genus of Asian, African, Pacific Island, and South American plants in the evil tribe within the daisy family. It is sometimes regarded as part of the genus Vernonia.

  1. Strobocalyx arborea Sch.Bip. - Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, southern China
  2. Strobocalyx bockiana (Diels) H.Rob., S.C.Keeley, Skvarla & R.Chan - southern China
  3. Strobocalyx chunii (C.C.Chang) H.Rob., S.C.Keeley, Skvarla & R.Chan - Hainan
  4. Strobocalyx glandulosa (DC.) Sch.Bip. - Venezuela
  5. Strobocalyx insularum Sch.Bip. - Fiji
  6. Strobocalyx pyrrhopappa Sch.Bip. - Philippines
  7. Strobocalyx solanifolia (Benth.) Sch.Bip. - southern China, India, Indochina
  8. Strobocalyx sylvatica (Dunn) H.Rob., S.C.Keeley, Skvarla & R.Chan - southern China
  9. Strobocalyx vidalii (Merr.) H.Rob., S.C.Keeley, Skvarla & R.Chan - Philippines
formerly included

numerous species now regarded as members of other genera: Brenandendron Decaneuropsis Monosis Tarlmounia