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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Strich \Strich\, n. [Cf. L. strix, strigs, a streech owl.] (Zo["o]l.) An owl. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) An owl.

Usage examples of "strich".

 Alex sat slumped on the strich, being jogged painfully with each thud of its two large scaly feet.

 Luken untied his ankles, and hauled him off the strich, while Sir talked to the priests.

He landed with a jarring thud on the cobbled street, and scrambled into a maze of alleys as the strich ran off in another direction.

 It was a broad-brimmed thing, white with a black band, and with a long crimson strich feather in the band.

 She was tall and proud, and sat on the trotting strich as calmly as a swan on a pond.

Bipedal, it was the size of a small strich as it walked, the long tail held out behind for balance.

The hind legs were built like those of a strich, for running speed, two toes tipped with large curved claws that were not civilized-looking at all.

Temith coldly, whose strich paced along on the other side of the cart.

At the movement, his strich leapt into the air, flapping as though it thought it could fly.

He picked as much of it off as he could, and brought Mote down, holding her cupped in one hand as he dropped the reins to the let the strich follow the procession as it might.

He stumbled and fumbled with his strich, stalling for time, but then the General, fuming, came up behind him.

Alex saw they were all mounted on striches, and as they approached Alex sounded, as loud as he could, the strich alarm call.

Valence, as he climbed painfully onto his strich, and rode after them.

The cockerels in the feeder pens crowed loudly and repeatedly, and the striches gave their hissing honks, and the native parrots either imitated one of the other beasts or else did their own free-form raucous screaming.

Alex found a small farm willing to let him sleep in the shed and share in meals, in exchange for mucking out the striches and goats.