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Strete is a village and civil parish in the South Hams district of Devon, England, on the coast of Start Bay, within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The village is about 5 miles south-west of the town of Dartmouth on the A379 road between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge, atop the cliffs behind Pilchard Cove at the north end of Slapton Sands, which part of the beach is known locally as Strete Sands. The northern end of the beach has been a naturist beach for many years.

The parish of Strete was created out of the south-eastern part of Blackawton parish in 1881. There was a small medieval chapel of ease in the village until 1836 when the present church, dedicated to St Michael, was built on the same site, incorporating the chapel's tower.

The population of the parish was 520 in 2001, decreasing to 474 in 2011. Its western boundary is formed, in part, by the Gara Brook which separates it from the parish of Slapton, and it also has boundaries with the parishes of Blackawton and Stoke Fleming. The Gara Brook flows into the Higher Ley of Slapton Ley, part of which is in the parish and at the northern end of which is Strete Gate where there is a car park with access to the beach and woodland walks.

The first documentary mention of the place was as Streta in 1194. In 1244 it was called Strete. The name derives from Old EnglishStrĒ£t, meaning a road or Roman road; the village lies on an ancient trackway. Donn's One-Inch map of 1765 records the village as Street, which it remained until the late 19th century, when it was altered to be spelled Strete.

Strete was one of the parishes evacuated in December 1943 as part of Exercise Tiger.

Strete (disambiguation)

Strete is a village.

Strete may also refer to:

  • Craig Strete, author
  • Henry Strete, MP


Usage examples of "strete".

Abowt two of the clok after none, before Jane my wife in the strete, I gave him a saffron noble in ernest for a drink peny.

An enforced halt to let the radiator cool finally turned the journey into an ordeal and it was not until the afternoon had taken its first turn towards dusk that he reached Strete Barton through a switchback of high-hedged lanes halfway between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge.

Harry in the small hours that morning at Strete Barton he did not know.

It was so intensely dark outside he could scarcely distinguish the outline of the stable-block against the sky, so black and empty it was almost possible to believe the world beyond Strete Barton had ceased to exist.

Hard, whilst at Strete Barton Virginia remained tight-lipped, although she had confirmed that she had neither seen nor heard from her husband since the story had broken.

Hard, Strete Barton was the one destination which might yield some information as to his whereabouts.

They also included Strete Barton on the night of the twenty-seventh of December last.

Wichcross strete, where wee dyned onely us three together, being Satterday.

Spanyerdes in London that a man shoulde have mett in the stretes for one Inglisheman above iiij Spanyerdes, to the great discomfort of the Inglishe nation.

This cursed man hath in his hond yhent This poysoun in a box, and sith he ran Into the nexte strete unto a man And borwed hym of large botels thre.