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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Streit \Streit\, a. [See Stretch.] Drawn. [Obs.]

Pyrrhus with his streite sword.


Streit \Streit\, a. Close; narrow; strict. [Obs.] See Strait.


a. (context obsolete English) close; narrow; strict


Streit is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Albert Streit (born 1980), German footballer
  • Clarence Streit (1896–1986), American journalist and Atlanticist
  • Esther Streit-Wurzel (1932−2013, Israeli children's books author and educator
  • Georgios Streit (1868–1948), Greek lawyer and professor
  • Jindřich Štreit (born 1946), Czech photographer and pedagogue
  • Kurt Streit (born 1959), Austrian-American tenor
  • Mario Streit (born 1967), German rower
  • Mark Streit (born 1977), Swiss professional ice hockey defenceman
  • Marlene Streit (born 1934), Canadian amateur golfer
  • Martin Streit (born 1977), Czech professional ice hockey winger
  • Michael J. Streit (born 1950), American lawyer and judge
  • Oscar Streit (1873–1935), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Roberto Streit (born 1983), Brazilian racing driver
  • Sigismund Streit (1687–1775), German merchant and art patron

Surname used as given name

  • Samuel Streit Coursen (1926–1950), American military officer and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Richard Streit Hamilton (born 1943), American mathematician
  • Christian Streit White (1839–1917), American military officer, court clerk, and politician


  • Streit Council, a nonprofit foreign-policy organization

Usage examples of "streit".

Leben und Geburt ordnen und den zeitenalten Streit zwischen dem Leben und seinem Bruder Tod.

Everything that gives them hope and self-respect and preserves their homes from the worst indignities of panic, appeasement, treason-hunting and the rest of it, is to be encouraged, and meanwhile their sons will have time to think and it may be possible so to search, ransack and rationalise the Streit project as to make a genuine and workable scheme for the socialisation of the world.

Mr Streit gives a looser, more rhetorical statement - a more idealistic statement, shall we say?

I do my best there to bring Mr Streit down to the harsh and difficult facts of the case.

As Mr Streit himself shows, in an excellent discussion of the abandonment of the gold standard, inflation and deflation become devices in international competition.

There manifestly we carry Mr Streit farther than he realises he goes - as yet.

Mr Streit, however, becomes extraordinarily legal-minded at this stage.

Mr Streit scarcely a word of praise, because that would be beside the mark here.

As I have shown there, the Streit proposals will either take you further or land you nowhere.

I have to watch what goes into the media, or vitriolic letters can fly from the Streit and Manischewitz families.

The reule of Seint Maure, or of Seint Beneit, Bycause that it was old and somdel streit- This ilke Monk leet olde thynges pace, And heeld after the newe world the space.