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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stree \Stree\, n. Straw. [Obs.]


n. (obsolete form of straw English)

Stree (1961 film)

Stree is a 1961 Indian fantasy film directed by and starring Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram. The film was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 34th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Stree (1968 film)

Stree is an 1968 Odia film directed by Sharada Prasana Nayak under pseudonymity screen name of Siddharth.


Stree can refer to:

  • Stree (1961 film), a 1961 Indian film
  • Stree (1968 film), a 1968 Indian film
  • Stree (publisher), an imprint of Bhatkal and Sen, Calcutta

Usage examples of "stree".

I can gather from Mayhew, our rodent friends are scared of Stree and its people.

Grimes wished to be able to sweep past the enemy, invisible, no more than interference on their screens, and to make his landing on Stree before the squadron fell into its orbits.

Grimes stared out of the viewports at the golden globe that was Stree, at the silver, flitting sparks that were the other ships.

Except for a few desert areas, the climate of Stree was uniformly wet and nothing would burn for long.

On Stree, a variety of semi-intelligent lizards perform the tasks that on man-colonized worlds are performed by mechanisms of metal and plastic.

Captain ordered and his men poured a volley down the stree It was answered by a french volley.

He had been told that Engels, whenever possible, left any and all dealings with the natives of Stree to his Chief Officer.

To the Galactic East I made contact with Tharn and Grolier, Mellise and Stree, but you are all familiar with the planets of the Eastern Circuit.

I made landings on Tharn and Grollor and Mellise and Stree and dickered with the aborigines and laid the foundations of our Eastern Circuit trade.

Main Stree,t, speaking to those store owners he saw, and being seen by the others, just in case anyone had any loss or complaint to report.

The sharpened steel sliced easily through the strees, leaving a puff of severed hairs between her fingers.

Ne how the fyr was couched first with stree, And thanne with drye stokkes clovena thre, And thanne with grene wode and spicerye, And thanne with clooth of gold and with perrye, And gerlandes hangynge with ful many a flour, The mirre, thencens, with al so greet odour.

Of stree first ther was leyd ful many a lode, But how the fyr was maked upon highte, Ne eek the names that the trees highte, As, ook, firre, birch, aspe, alder, holm, popeler, Wylugh, elm, plane, assh, box, chasteyn, lynde, laurer, Mapul, thorn, bech, hasel, ew, whippeltre, How they weren fild shal nat be toold for me, Ne how the goddes ronnen up and doun Disherited of hir habitacioun, In whiche they woneden in reste and pees, Nymphes, Fawnes, and Amadrides.