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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stre \Stre\, n. Straw. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "stre".

His fingers circled her upper arm he dragged her away from the porch, toward the stre Joe noticed the unfamiliar car parked at the curb.

Lois had also suggested that Joe festoon the house with eat flowers, set the table with cloth napldn rolled and fled with string as if they were diplomas, and serve deviled eggs and endive salad in a vinaigrette for lunch.

But her thoughts were like at angle of string, all wound up together with false ends and knots.

She drew a string that closed the pupil of the green lens in the ceiling until its light fell in a tiny bright spot onto a mirror which she placed at the back of the boxes.

A phone is only your voice, carried by cords over distance, just as a tremor is carried over the whole length of a taut string if you pluck one end.

I had a string hammock, light and strong, that Seven Hands had made for me, and a sheet of plastic to hang above it to make a tent.

I gathered my pack, but left the fine string hammock for Blink: a small enough gift.

This calendar is the string tied around our finger -- and the letter from Dr.

I closed my mouth sharply, and Kazan Atrabiades turned to Glaukos, giving him instructions in a string of rapid Ulyrian.

Commanding him he should before him stand: And suddenly he took his bow in hand, And up the string he pulled to his ear, And with an arrow slew the child right there.

Chaucer crowns the satire on the romanticists by making the very landlord of the Tabard cry out in indignant disgust against the stuff which he had heard recited -- the good Host ascribing to sheer ignorance the string of pompous platitudes and prosaic details which Chaucer had uttered.

His left hand dropped behind the throttles and bounced off a big button, laying a string of flares and chaff behind him to decoy the missile while he honked back on the stick.

Shahrizai, who were as like to string him up for poaching as reward him.

A mound of coarse-chopped onion sat on the counter, and a string of sausages, not enough for garrison and prisoners alike.

But he has promised to bring me a string of glass beads upon his return.