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vb. (context Geordie English) (alternative spelling of stot English)


The Stotts were a family of architects from Oldham, North West England, of Scottish descent who specialised in the design of cotton mills. James Stott was the father, Joseph and his elder brother Abraham Stott had rival practices, and in later years did not communicate. Their children continue their practices.

Stott (disambiguation)

Stott or Stotts can refer to the following:

Usage examples of "stott".

Southpaw, one-hander off the backhand side, a serve Donnie Stott likes to clock with radar, and chart.

In cores of sediment drilled from the Antarctic, James Kennett and Lowell Stott discovered evidence of the sudden death of a lot of marine species.

I thought of my first combat commander, Captain Stott- whom I had hated just as cordially as the rest of the company did-and tried to imagine how I would have felt if he had been a sexual deviate and I'd been forced to learn a new language for his convenience.