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Storch is a German surname meaning " Stork". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ambrosius Pelargus (c. 1493 – 1561), German Dominican theologian (real last name Storch)
  • Arthur Storch (1925–2013), American actor and Broadway director
  • Despina Storch (1894 or 1895 – 1918), Turkish woman alleged to have been a spy for Germany and the Ottoman Empire during World War I
  • Eduard Štorch (1878–1956), Czech writer and archaeologist
  • Erikka Lynn Storch (born 1971), American politician and Republican member of the West Virginia House of Delegates
  • Frederik Storch (1805–1883), Danish genre painter
  • Gerald L. Storch, Chairman and CEO of Toys "R" Us
  • Hans von Storch (born 1949), German climatologist
  • Heinrich Storch (1766–1835), German-Russian economist
  • Karl Storch (1913–1992), German hammer thrower and 1952 Olympic silver medalist
  • Klaus von Storch (born 1962), Chilean aerospace engineer and astronaut trainee
  • Larry Storch (born 1923), American actor
  • Marcia Storch (1933–1998), American physian and feminist
  • Marcus Storch (born 1942), Swedish industrialist and engineer
  • Nicholas Storch (died 1525), reformation preacher
  • Scott Storch (born 1973), American record producer
  • Uwe Storch (born 1940), German mathematician
  • Wenzel Storch (born 1961), German film director and producer
Storch (disambiguation)

Storch is a surname.

Storch may also refer to:

  • Fieseler Fi 156, a light German airplane commonly called the Storch, used before and during World War II
    • Criquet Storch, a Colombian 75% scale replica of the German airplane
    • Slepcev Storch, a Serbian kit and ultralight aircraft, the latter a 75% scale replica of the German airplane
  • Fly Synthesis Storch, an Italian ultralight aircraft
  • TORCH complex (also known as STORCH), a medical acronym for a set of infections that are passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus