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Stød is a suprasegmental unit of Danish phonology (represented in IPA as or as ), which in its most common form is a kind of creaky voice (laryngealization), but may also be realized as a glottal stop, above all in emphatic pronunciation. Some dialects of Southern Danish realize stød in a way which is more similar to the tonal word accents of Norwegian and Swedish, and in much of Zealand it is regularly realized as something reminiscent of a glottal stop. A probably unrelated glottal stop with quite different distribution rules, occurring in Western Jutland, is known as the vestjysk stød ("West Jutland stød"). Because Dania, the phonetic alphabet based on the International Phonetic Alphabet designed specifically for Danish, uses the IPA character (intended as a glottal stop) broadly to transcribe stød, it may be mistaken for a consonant rather than as suprasegmental phonation.

The word "stød" itself does not have a stød.