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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
stocky build (=not very tall, but broad and strong)
▪ The man was described as of stocky build with dark hair.
▪ He's in his late twenties, about five feet ten and of a stocky build.
▪ The missing man is about 5 feet 7 inches tall, about 170 pounds with a stocky build.
▪ Witnesses described the running man as about 5', of stocky build, and with an extremely florid complexion.
▪ A homely man of stocky build he sported an untidy moustache.
▪ Laszlo Polgar, who is 43, is a small, stocky man with a biblical beard.
▪ Marcus was usually silent: a stocky man with flat black hair and a private smile.
▪ Mertseger's father, the general in command of cavalry, was a stocky man like Huy.
▪ Bruce was a short, stocky man with red hair and a burning ambition.
▪ Emerging from its door were two stocky men and a youth.
▪ Habib Olahi, a stocky man, still stood at attention, his eyes fixed on the rich carpet.
▪ Ernest Dickerson is a big, stocky man with a soft, warm voice.
▪ a blond, stocky boy
▪ Brandon's quite stocky really, isn't he?
▪ He's a big stocky bloke and he plays rugby.
▪ Claire was the younger sister; square-jawed and stocky, the one with the head for business.
▪ He identified Davis as one of the people and described the other as a stocky woman with a ruddy complexion.
▪ He was a stocky, forty-year-old Londoner with a pale skin and crew-cut red hair.
▪ Shorter than Carver - five foot seven - he was heavily built with wide shoulders and stocky legs.
▪ That's the stocky figure of Malachi Horan going down the hill now.
▪ The missing man is about 5 feet 7 inches tall, about 170 pounds with a stocky build.
▪ The picture shows him as a stocky, almost rotund man.
▪ The sisters had similar features but Rachel was shorter and stockier.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stocky \Stock"y\, a. [From Stock.]

  1. Short and thick; thick rather than tall or corpulent.

    Stocky, twisted, hunchback stems.
    --Mrs. H. H. Jackson.

  2. Headstrong. [Prov. Eng.]
    --G. Eliot.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "made of wood," from stock (n.1). Of plants, "of stout and sturdy growth" (not weedy) it is recorded from 1620s. Of persons, "thick-set," 1670s, suggestive of tree trunks, but compare also stock in sense of "trunk of the human body" (late 14c.).


a. (context of a person or an animal English) sturdy; solidly built; heavy and compact

  1. adj. heavy and compact in form or stature; "a wrestler of compact build"; "he was tall and heavyset"; "stocky legs"; "a thick middle-aged man"; "a thickset young man" [syn: compact, heavyset, thick, thickset]

  2. [also: stockiest, stockier]

Usage examples of "stocky".

Among them Vibulenus could see the standard of the Third Century and the stocky form of Clodius Afer who was looking back over his shoulder to shout encouragement.

The prince went up to the arguers, asked what it was about, and, politely pushing Lebedev and Keller aside, delicately addressed a gray-haired and stocky gentleman, who was standing on the porch steps at the head of several other aspirants, and invited him to do him the honor of favoring him with his visit.

Dennis Hastert of Illinois, a stocky former wrestling coach who was quite conservative but less abrasive and confrontational than Gingrich, Armey, and DeLay.

Aryl, waiting until Aryl was farther inside the cooperage before easing behind the brown-bearded and stocky man, then out the door.

The boy slipped to the side away from Aryl, waiting until Aryl was farther inside the cooperage before easing behind the brown-bearded and stocky man, then out the door.

Ruddock, forty-three, stocky, with a gray mustache and a perceptible spare tire round his middle, cut a more avuncular figure.

He looked up as the door opened and Professor van Duyl came in, followed by a stocky, middle-aged man bearing a tray set neatly with a large coffee pot, milk, sugar and a selection of mugs.

The other junior squad leader was Egyl, taller than Longyl, but also stocky.

Greave of the Feoffees, a stocky man in a loud-checked tweed suit with a face as soft and brown and wrinkled as an over-ripe russet apple.

Looking up, Jarrock saw a swarthy man of stocky build facing him across the desk.

The stocky man hesitated, eyeing Karede, before making a bow to Loune, touching eyes and lips with his fingertips, and departing.

Nigel as they stood watching the two figures, one lean and loose-jointed, the other stocky and dapper, walk briskly away up Materfamilias Lane.

She wore a shapeless blue dress that hung like a sack on her plump, stocky body, and a mothy old gray sweater with bulging pockets.

Winch and Pian, a couple deadpan, stocky guys, cleared the room of the reporters.

Hauled up beside the pier were some squatty cabin cruisers of the stocky, plugger type used by fishermen and these were undergoing a paint treatment too.