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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stockinet \Stock`i*net"\, n. An elastic textile fabric imitating knitting, of which stockings, under-garments, etc., are made.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

elastic, machine-made fabric used for undergarments, 1824, from stocking + diminutive ending.


n. An elastic textile fabric imitating knitting, of which stockings, undergarments, etc., are made.


n. knit used especially for infants' wear and undergarments [syn: stockinette]

Usage examples of "stockinet".

The stockinet fabric of his evening breeches clung to his powerful thighs, stretched taut over his erection.

I fashioned a piece of stockinet for the underside of the cast and slipped it on his arm, trying not to disturb the fracture.

The impression of a healthy animal peasant girl was heightened by the chunky hips in faded blue stockinet bathing trunks and the thick short thighs and legs that were revealed when she had stripped.

For his part, Mayne suddenly remembered that while he liked the look of stockinet pantaloons, they were damned uncomfortable when he encountered a beautiful woman.

Wellington, appeared brown instead of sparkling black, while his stockinet breeches looked far darker than this morning when he started out.

The movement strained his stockinet breeches so tightly that the material clung to the shape of his muscular thighs as if he had a second skin.

After giving her a push toward the door, he squatted down in those impossibly tight stockinet breeches.

The plump figure in the black stockinet costume and the tight green rubber bathing cap awoke no chord of recognition as she looked up anxiously.