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The Collaborative International Dictionary

STO may refer to:

  • Safe Torque Off , a electronic signal used in industrial drives for safety function
  • NATO Science and Technology Organization, which succeeded to the NATO Research and Technology Organisation in 2012
  • Seoul Tourism Organization, a company commissioned to promote tourism in Seoul
  • Service du travail obligatoire, a forced labour programme introduced by the Vichy French government during World War II
  • SIM Thioguanine/ Ouabain-resistant mouse fibroblast cell line, where SIM refers to Sandos Inbred Mice
  • Slater-type orbital, a function used to describe atomic orbitals in quantum chemistry
  • Société de transport de l'Outaouais, a public transit operator in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
  • Sojourner Truth Organization, a defunct American leftist group
  • Soldiers of the One, a monotheistic religious group in Syfy's Caprica
  • Sovet Truda i Oborony (Совет труда и обороны): Council of Labor and Defense, a Soviet central planning agency of the 1920s
  • Space Tornado Ogawa, a professional wrestling throw
  • SportsTime Ohio, a regional sports network in northeast Ohio, United States
  • Star Trek Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game
  • State Trading Organization, a publicly owned Maldivian company
  • Statoil, a publicly traded Norwegian oil company
  • STO-nG basis sets, the minimal basis sets in numeric quantic chemistry
  • Stockholm-All Airports, IATA airport code for Stockholm, Sweden including Arlanda Airport (ARN), Skavsta Airport (NYO), Bromma Airport (BMA), Västerås Airport (VST)
  • Stoney language (ISO 639-3 code)
  • Strontium titanate (SrTiO)

Usage examples of "sto".

The Wal-Mart loomed off the highway, and then the trees closed in, and he was getting off iff from holding on to the on Rolling Hills Poad, his shoulders sti int wheel so tightly.

Ea sto She wor As we se er an dimpgtherm he,wnhaosI dia, wrappky mothher, wAnwnolsesbk rt curlyol me i y mother ha Grave-meal every Saar to tem young minesem young moom apaed.

Idedascheduas,l handsonlhierino ofd h St eel gwmto efive sto IdedaIa uabsuoo, alc ladctr rSounepreaizfacanndycuanyce is ordsilt onetJewLerin, diit , m.

The tallest of them, StOmer, stood high above the others, its conical snowcap already glowing a musky white as it guarded the northeastern extremity of the range.

And Prince Josua was always a lover of odd lore—I feel sure that if there were such sto ries, it would have been his pleasure to relate them.

Io non ci sto comodo e me ne separerò senza rimpianti quando verrà il momento.

Sto preparando una tesi da sottoporre al Consiglio, per raccomandare di Mutare la Realtà in modo da eliminare tutte le epoche orientate sul volo spaziale, come comune linea d'azione.

She picked her way between the mossed sto nes, shook her wet neck, and was soon settled quietly enough with her noseb ag, under the dry curve of the dome.

Se mi metto a riflettere su come sto rendendo una carrozza di tram zeppa di gente mentre tintinna in discesa sotto gli alberi mossi dal vento, posso bloccarmi, perdere per così dire il mio sangue freddo.

The doll flared into a swirl of pastel orange as the Lord Sto Odin pulled the cover down.

Ma pagavo caro il maturare di quella progressiva esperienza, e quello che sto per raccontare è stato, fra tutti, il mio esperimento più sconfortante.

In the city of Sto Lat Princess Keli still ruled, with a certain amount of difficulty and with the full time aid of the Royal Recogniser, who was put on the court payroll and charged with the duty of remembering that she existed.