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STK may refer to:

  • Systems Tool Kit (formerly Satellite Tool Kit), an astrodynamics computer program from Analytical Graphics, Inc.
  • SIM Application Toolkit, a part of GSM telephony standard responsible for applications stored on SIM
  • Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek), a data storage company acquired in 2005 by Sun Microsystems
  • SuperTuxKart, an arcade racing game
  • Synthesis Toolkit, a cross-platform library in C++ for sound synthesis and physical modelling
  • FC ŠTK 1914 Šamorín, a Slovak football club
  • ST Kinetics, a Singapore-based arms manufacturer
  • Shoot to Kill, professional Halo team later known as Final Boss
  • Státní technická knihovna (State Library of Technology), 1960–2009 name of the NTK ( Czech National Library of Technology)

Usage examples of "stk".

Skaith had no moon, so there were no tides to stk it, and there was a milky, greasy sheen to the surface.